Business Consulting

Jager’s Business Consultants provide expertise that helps organizations improve performance and efficiency. These professionals analyze difficult business issues and create solutions whilst also helping companies meet their goals. Business owners should consider hiring business consultants when they need help or perspective on their chosen path or need a catalyst for change in their companies. Consulting engagements tend to be for fixed periods – from as little as a day for a Corporate Health Check exercise with the senior team, up to several months for large system implementations. Our consultants come from all of the main management disciplines – Finance, IT, Sales, HR, Operations, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Project Management – and can help management implement

Victor vs. Victim

Victor vs. Victim   It was Thanksgiving of 2009 and I was planning my Black Friday shopping list  - until my world came crashing down. All employees hours at work were dramatically cut. Instead of letting multiple people go, the owner of the company, Thomas, thought...

I Love My Job!

A few days ago I turned 50, and Simon surprised me with an overnight stay at my favorite place- The Walden Inn and Spa in Aurora, OH – the only 5 Diamond, 5 Star hotel in Ohio. As we arrived on Thursday evening we were greeted by three staff members, who were all very...

Persuasive Words

The 8 Persuasive Words That Instantly Help You Sell More  Believe it or not there are 8 intoxicatingly persuasive words in the English language that are more effective than any other words for convincing a person to take action. These are words the most effective...

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