Executive Coaching

As Executive Coaches, we focus on building a professional relationship that develops leadership skills — the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build top performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging conditions.

Our Executive Coaching clients hold senior roles in their organizations and generally have P and L and team leadership responsibilities. Jager’s Executive Coaching utilizes the Gestalt methodology, which is completely client led and allows for coaching to be done in both personal and professional spheres of life. All of our Executive Coaches are GPCC, BCC and MCC certified through the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the International Coaching Federation.

The weak usually do not ask for help, so they stay weak!

Last week Simon and I went to Columbus to visit a woodshop. We weren’t quite sure where we going and just like most men, Simon didn’t want to ask for directions, so it took us an 20 extra minutes to get there. I’ve always wondered why men won't ask for directions. Why...

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Networking Guru

I dread networking, and due to being pregnant and then recently giving birth, it has been several months since I attended a networking event So a few weeks ago when I went to a rather large networking event, I have to admit I was pretty rusty. I was okay to get...

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I am all about change- particularly positive change. Some people live their entire lives passing up opportunities that they later regret - sometimes things that they don’t even realize. So, I wondered what are the opportunities that entrepreneurs regret passing up...

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The Motivation Myth

  I have two 19 year old boys. As I drove them to school, during their senior year, we often talked about the future and what they wanted to do when they “grew up”. One of the boys had a vision of becoming a mathematician. After finishing his undergraduate degree, he...

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