Business Coaching Course

In association with Hair Loss University

Course Content:

  • Core Values
  • Vision – Where you’re going
  • Mission – What you do
  • GSPOT – Goals, Strategy, Plans, Objectives and Tactics
  • Metrics – What gets measured gets managed
  • Financial Statements – Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet
  • Sales – Strategies and measurements of effectiveness
  • Marketing/Branding – How to effectively brand and market your business
  • Operations Plan – How to scale and replicate
  • HR/Legal Aspects – The boring, but important stuff

What You Get:

10 modules 60-90 minutes each.
Zoom calls, same time, same day each week (Times to be determined)
Minimum of 5 people per call.
Maximum of 9 people.
Cost $799 for the course or 2 payments of $415 each”
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