Executive Coaching

As Executive Coaches, we focus on building a professional relationship that develops leadership skills — the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, build top performing teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under the most challenging conditions.

Our Executive Coaching clients hold senior roles in their organizations and generally have P and L and team leadership responsibilities. Jager’s Executive Coaching utilizes the Gestalt methodology, which is completely client led and allows for coaching to be done in both personal and professional spheres of life. All of our Executive Coaches are GPCC, BCC and MCC certified through the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the International Coaching Federation.

Why We Are Where We Are Now

It was raining lightly as people gathered in Chicago to peacefully protest police brutality. The previous day the police had killed one person and caused injuries to several others, and in response agitators called for a demonstration. Even the democratic mayor of...

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Independence Day 2020

Independence Day 2020   32 years ago, I moved from Croatia to the great state of Ohio. At the time, Croatia was part of communist Yugoslavia. Growing up in a socialist regime, I experienced suppression and a lack of religious freedom – if Christmas fell during...

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The unexpected domino effects of COVID-19

The last 3 months have been very strange times for all of us, with many new introductions into our lives - social distancing, Zoom, masks, curbside-to-go and working from home, to name a few. We now appear to be over the worst of the pandemic, and are looking forward...

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3,2,1. Get ready. Set. GO!!!!

3,2,1. Get ready. Set. GO!!!! COVID-19 is almost under control and it's time to make preparations to return to work and get back to running our small businesses again.  According to the media we'll now be living and working in a new normal. So are you ready to face...

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Rollin’ with the ‘Rona

Rollin' with the 'Rona When you were young did you ever have that crazy ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) that even though you split up with them, they just wouldn’t let you go? Because you both lived in the same town, and shared some of the same friends your efforts to...

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