About Jager Consulting

I want to take you back seven years.

I am a corporate executive, traveling the world helping my company implement its strategic plan. Unfortunately, my wife of 15 years contracts cancer and loses her battle, leaving me with two children to raise on my own – or so I think. 

Two years later, I am fortunate enough to meet my lovely Anita, who is also widowed. We are married shortly thereafter and become a blended family of  six – plus three dogs!

At this point we decide to launch a coaching and consulting company aimed at the small business owners of Northeast Ohio and so Jager Consulting is born.

Fast forward to 2017: Jager Consulting is now an established name on the Westside of Cleveland, achieving success offering coaching and consulting to IT, law and CPA firms. We meet with our clients on a weekly basis to help them work on areas as diverse as:

Business Planning & Strategy

Discovery of Core Values

Direction of business

Delegation and Dealing with Staff and Subcontractors

Process and Procedure development

Traditional and Digital Marketing Planning

Project Planning

Sales Training

Hiring and Training activities

Records suggest that the Return on Investment for our clients is between 5x and 7x, meaning that the time and cash investment in a Jager engagement is well worth it!

Sleeping With The Enemy

Every summer we take a break. This year, instead of a foreign trip we stayed in the US and watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Our home countries of Croatia and England both reached the last four, and actually played against one another in the semi-finals. Croatia...

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Summer is here and the living is easy……

Ah, summer. Maybe it’s the sun and warmer weather that excites us- especially in Cleveland, but in the back of your mind your worries still linger. If you have lost a client, or maybe you’re just out of touch with the networking scene, here are some pointers to get...

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What do you need to know about MILLENNIALS!

I was recently observing my daughter when it occurred to me just how different we are.  I can work quickly, but she multitasks at a phenomenal rate. Like many of the young people of her generation, it’s not unusual for her to be writing a report, whilst texting,...

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What death taught me about business

If you have been to the landing page of this website and watched the 3 minute video (https://www.jagerconsulting.com/), you will know that eight and a half years ago I lost my first wife, Carol, to cancer. The three and a half year battle that we shared, and eventually...

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You don’t fire people, people fire themselves!

  How to spot and replace a mediocre manager  Tony was a manager in a small company of 20 employees. If you asked any of his direct reports about him, they would all say he was a good guy and that they liked him - but if you looked more deeply it was noticeable that...

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