What are the five MAIN traits found in successful entrepreneurs?

They are Problem Solvers

Entrepreneurs have an uncanny ability to find solutions for difficult problems.

They are Calculated Risk Takers

A successful entrepreneur is a good judge of acceptable risk levels. They always research a topic before trying to make decisions and leave no stone unturned. They tend to be an adventurous group but always minimize their risk with alternate plans should something unexpected arise.

They are Innovators

During their lifetime most entrepreneurs will start several businesses. This is due to the fact that they always have great new business ideas flowing through their head. An entrepreneur will start a company and then move on to the next big project. It is rare for an entrepreneur to stick around and actually “run” a company past the start up phase. The idea of running an established company does not appeal to them so they are likely to sell the business or hire someone to run the daily operations for them.

They Delegate Tasks

One of the keys to becoming an excellent entrepreneur is their ability to delegate tasks to others. They delegate tasks they are not good at to others and run the parts of the business that they excel in.

They Handle Rejection Well

Dealing with rejection is part of being an entrepreneur.