A few days ago I turned 50, and Simon surprised me with an overnight stay at my favorite place- The Walden Inn and Spa in Aurora, OH – the only 5 Diamond, 5 Star hotel in Ohio.

As we arrived on Thursday evening we were greeted by three staff members, who were all very pleasant, caring and engaging. Their fantastic attitudes triggered something in me, so I decided to keep a close eye on the staff members and see what it was that set them apart from other places that I have stayed. As we were leaving the Inn to go out for our dinner, “The Walden girls”, engaged us asking about our plans for the evening. They seemed genuinely interested. In other places I have visited, usually at this time of the evening, the front desk staff would be on their cell phones and (might) say, “Have a great evening” or “Enjoy your dinner” as if they were robots.  

We were greeted with the same level of interest after dinner, when we arrived back at the Inn, and headed to our room, The Loft. The girls wanted know about our dinner experience, what we ate and how the service was.

The next morning I couldn’t wait any longer, so I asked Ashlee, who was our greeter the first day and was now our breakfast server, why it was that she and rest of the staff were so friendly, caring and engaging. She gave me a big smile and said that it was because the managers cared for the staff. And it wasn’t only her manager that cared about her – all the other managers cared too. They took a real interest in the staff – who they are; how they are doing; and what help they needed.

Ashlee said, working at the Walden was fun, but the reason she loved her job was because she knew her bosses cared about her. That is what it was that set this place apart from others.

There is a reason the The Walden Inn is the only 5 Star, 5 Diamond hotel in Ohio and I suspect that it has rather a lot to do with their staff, but even more to do with their managers.

Can your staff say, “I love my job”? Are your managers like those at The Walden, caring about their personnel, knowing who they are and what help they need?

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