Which KPI’s Really Matter?

Most leaders gauge their performance on metrics that “matter” to their Board of Directors like earnings growth, expansion, new products, acquisitions, cost savings, etc. But how much better would those KPI’s be if the man (or woman) in the ivory tower lead with trust?

With Gallup’s research showing only 13% of workers as engaged, it’s not hard to conclude that most employees aren’t “feelin’ the love” and KPI’s suffer as a result.
It’s Monday morning. Do you know if you are leading with trust?
Record the following over the course of the week:
-Percentage of employees who arrive to work on time.
-Percentage of employees who call in sick.
-Percentage of employees who leave work early.
-Number of excuses for work not completed.
-Number of fires you need to extinguish.

Also count the number of times you:
-Come down out of your ivory tower and on to the shop floor.
-Ask an employee about their family and kids.
-Praise someone for a job well done or pat them on the back.
-Hold an impromptu celebration or an ice cream party.
-Ask for feedback.

Trustworthy leaders look up, walk around and engage with their employees. Practiced daily, your KPI’s will soar. This is the simple stuff, but it can’t be delegated. As Nike says “Just do it!”