You love your spouse; you love your business. Both are pressing issues that need constant attention and maintenance, but how can you make sure your relationship thrives when you treat your business like a second partner?

As hard as it might be to accept, you may need to schedule time with your spouse on your calendar, just like you would a business meeting. That way you ensure you have dates and outings, and you will keep the relationship fresh. Set aside 10 to 20 percent of non-negotiable time in your week to dedicate to your significant other. This could be a lunch, a spontaneous shopping trip, a walk in the park, a visit to a museum or, yes, even sex.

Please don’t forget to praise your partner, because, even if they are not working directly in the business, they still deal with the long hours that come with keeping the house in order. Give your spouse support, both emotional and financial, sending texts, emails or making spontaneous phone calls home – all of which are ways to make sure you are not leaving your partner out of your day. Communication is key to a successful marriage…..

Do you have too much going on at home? If you can afford it, it may be wise to occasionally hire cleaners, a lawn care company, or babysitters. The most important thing is to realize that it is normal to disconnect from your relationship, but you must always find ways to reconnect.

If you and your better halves (the dreamers, the opposites, the survivors, the risk takers…) happen to own the business together, it is just as important to apply these same principles. Separating business and home is important to differentiate roles, seeing your partner as a coworker at work and as a lover at home.

So in the bedroom – when you are face to face – keep technology away and invest in and honor the time you have together. Not only does sex help relieve pressure, but it also helps you bond with your partner, so make sure that the time you have together is quality time with no distractions.

I hope these points are helpful to you to succeed in both, your business and your relationships.