With most of the jobs I’ve had in the past I’ve had to at least take some work home or had to do some of my work remotely.  Many of you might think it would be nice to work from home OR maybe you are currently in that position but are struggling to get things done.  Between kids, chores, and just wanting to bum around, I would always find difficulty in getting my tasks completed on time (or sometimes even getting them started). 

I knew I had to get the work done and I loved the flexibility, but needed motivation. I finally had an AH HA! moment and realized that I had to change. But it wasn’t until I implemented the tips  below that I managed to get myself into shape, and that helped me to become productive whilst working from home:

  1. Be professional. Don’t just roll out of bed and start to work. You must treat your at “home job” just like you would if you were working out of the office. Get up, shower and put on your office clothing. It gets your head in the work zone and gives you the confidence to get things done. Follow up with co-workers and give updates periodically. 
  2. Be consistent! Yes you work at home, and may be able to work at ANY time, but you must have accountability. It doesn’t just help you, but also helps your co-workers and customers to know they have a specific time period to reach you without interruption or time lag. Whether you are a morning dove or a night owl, schedule your work time.  It creates consistency so you don’t keep pushing stuff off the to do list and make it a never done list. Making this a habit will ensure you are able to effectively work remotely. 
  3. Check your planner and/or calendar. Prepare for meetings, review projects and due dates.
  4. Make sure you are eating, staying hydrated and taking breaks to walk or exercise. Self care is very important and helps drive your energy. 
  5. Finally, the last tip that helped me stay on track was to create my workroom. Being in a shared space even if you are not answering calls or on a Zoom call, you owe yourself peace, quiet, and no interruptions.

Once I put these suggestions in place, I felt like I was at the workplace and immediately saw positive results!

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