So, oops. I have failed my resolution after a month, a week, a day and even before I started. So I decided for 2018 I would figure out how I can actually join the small percentage of people that decide on a goal and actually make it work. Through research, I found helpful yet simple methods to be successful with my resolution this time.

  1. Start slow and pick one (or a few) resolutions to embark on. Have plausible expectations and if you succeed in one resolution, move on to another once you fully accomplish the first. Pick what is most important to work on and give that all your attention. Too much too fast leads to disappointment in yourself and exhaustion.
  2. You don’t have to wait for the New Year, you have a new morning every day to change your habits to better yourself and your business. This is about about a holiday changing you, but you wanting growth in your business.
  3. Reward yourself. Change is not easy. If it is for you or your co-workers, you need to acknowledge progress to further motivate you to keep excelling in your goals. An office paint redo, a new desk, or a tv in the office, whatever it may be- you deserve it.
  4. Accountability- Reinvest into looking at your core values. Make sure your work atmosphere coincides with how and what you want your business to be as well as believe in. It is time to not only clean up you but your business. You need people that share your same morals, views and respect the work ambiance. Having a coach believe it or not can help jump start and make sure you are accountable for helping you and your business grow.
  5. Don’t look back, only forward. You need to bring positivity into your business that also seeps into your personal life. You can learn from past mistakes but do not bring them into 2018. You can learn what not to do (what hasn’t worked)  and try new ways to improve.

Good Luck!