Every summer we take a break. This year, instead of a foreign trip we stayed in the US and watched the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Our home countries of Croatia and England both reached the last four, and actually played against one another in the semi-finals. Croatia actually beat England (which actually led to Anita and I sleeping apart for one night!) and then eventually lost to the Fre*** in the final (sorry can’t bring myself to say their name)! Croatia did extraordinarily well for such a small country.

 If you don’t know much about Croatia here are some interesting facts

  1. Croatia has a population of only 4 million
  2. The country was re-formed after the Yugoslav wars in the 1990’s
  3. It is known for inventing the necktie – the word cravat is a derivation of Croat, and was originally part of a military uniform, allowing the sides to distinguish each other during battle.
  4. Croatia averages over 2,715 hours of sunshine per year – that’s an average of nearly 7.5 hours per day – every day!
  5. It is the birthplace of inventor Nikola Tesla and explorer Marco Polo
  6. Both the film Mama Mia 2 and the TV series Game of Thrones were filmed there
  7. It has over 1200 islands along it’s coast
  8. In a 2010 WHO survey, Croatians were declared to have the 4th highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world (after Belarus, Lithuania and the Czech Republic)

….and the MOST important fact is obviously that Croatia is the birthplace of both Anita and Mia, who help write the monthly newsletters.

I know you will miss us, but we will be back soon!


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