Ah, summer. Maybe it’s the sun and warmer weather that excites us- especially in Cleveland, but in the back of your mind your worries still linger. If you have lost a client, or maybe you’re just out of touch with the networking scene, here are some pointers to get your groove back and start your summer as well as your business off on a positive note. 

  1. Have a party! Bring in the old and new. It’s a great way to re-establish relationships with past clients or even start new ones. Who doesn’t love a party? You also get a chance to bond with your team.
  2. Go out and have 1 to 1s. Check in on current clients to keep the relationship strong. Ask what they like, don’t like and how you can improve. The best meetings are with a frappuccino or mojito. Mixing business with pleasure is always a great way to follow up with people.
  3. Think about a promotion or gratitude campaign to get prepared for the busy upcoming months.
  4. Host an intern group. Not only do you get free help, but it is also a great way to shape future potential employees.
  5. Take a vacation. Business often slows in the summer, so it is a good time for you as the owner or manager to take some time for yourself. Everyone needs to recharge at some point.
  6. During the downtime, reassess your spending. Maybe it’s cutting a position or getting the right salesperson, but now is a wonderful time to make some future plans.
  7. Rethink your products/services. Start a blog, get on social media if you aren’t already, maybe write a book or offer a course, etc. it all helps with marketing.
  8. Take some time to organize your business- cleaning your desk might make sense, but also consider throwing out old mail and cleaning up your computer servers. 

The main thing is that you don’t slow down, be proactive! Make the most of these slow months and keep yourself as well as employees going.