The Attitude of Gratitude

Oh no, not another newsletter about being “Thankful”!

At this time of year your inbox is probably full of November newsletters that are majoring on the subject
of Thankfulness.

As business people one thing we can all be thankful for are our clients and customers, but what can we do to show them our gratitude?

Most businesses send their best clients and customers presents at Christmas – maybe a hamper or a bottle of wine – but is that going to make the customer think you are thankful for THEM or just thankful for the business they send your way?

The best way to show gratitude to your customers is to show that you care about them as people, not just as revenue generators. Here are some ideas…
-Stop by and ask how things are going – this sounds so simple, but in these casual conversations you will not just find out about their business but also their family, their hobbies and their interests. Nobody cares what you know until they know that you care!
-Write them a card – not just for their birthday, but randomly telling them that you value them as people. Make sure it is hand written and hand addressed.
-Send them articles on subjects they might be interested in – this is obviously a lot easier if you have already followed the first bullet point and know what their interests are.
-Give back to the community – most people have a favorite charity or 501(c)3 they support. What can you do in terms of time or resources to help your customers in their efforts to give to their favorite non-profit?
-Implement their suggestions – your customers and clients are the best source of ideas for ways to improve your business, and who doesn’t feel good about being listened to?

So what do I do to make sure my clients know I’m thankful for them? Apart from implementing the list shown above, I also do a couple of other things.

-Twice a year Anita and I throw a themed party at our home, to which all of my clients and their spouses are invited, and to which I usually also invite some of my key centers of influence. The parties are always well attended and I know my clients value the opportunity to meet each other and exchange contacts.
-Each Christmas I also hand make presents for my clients. My hobby is wood work, so each client gets something I have made with them specifically in mind.You might now realize that being thankful for your clients can seem like a lot of hard work – but the long term benefits of letting each client know how much you value them as people will reap dividends.

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