As humans, our inherent nature is to be positive. We all tend to gravitate towards positivity rather than to negativity, but why do we seem to move to the negative side sometimes?

Are negative thoughts really a part of us??

What are the obstacles that keep us from reaching our highest potential?

There are three main reasons why our growth and personal development is hindered and unfortunately, we just don’t notice most of them.
1.Closed-mindedness: Many times, we are so narrow-headed that we block our minds from accepting new opinions and fresh ideas. We feel “cozy” in our comfort zones and as a result we are never able to step out of the “box” of life.
2.Lack of time management: We all know that if we don’t manage our time properly, our schedule will go ou the door. Imagine what it takes to plan something. What will happen if you set goals but never measure up to what is expected? Nothing but a broken dream. All the planning and build up for success in that goal will never materialize without appropriate time management. When you are ahead of time you will always benefit.
3.Distractions: We tend to give in to distractions and it often takes our personal progress down another path. Distractions always seem to affect us most when we are overloaded with deadlines and tasks to accomplish. The internet offers many distractions, such as Facebook and YouTube, and for internet marketers, a day’s progress can be sabotaged by spending hours on these addicting sites!

Always remember to do your best not to stray from your goals for the day, week, month, etc… Just keep your focus on what you need to do. When this becomes habit, you will be able to develop and attain the growth you desire.

Growth and development can only happen when we allow it to happen. Therefore, we must be open to new ideas in order to grow.

It’s important to also recognize that it can be hard for new ideas without fresh perspective, and we encourage you to raise your hand and ask for help. Call Jager Consulting (440)-385-6737 or CLICK HERE to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to helping you put a plan in place to move you and your business toward a more successful future.

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