What happens when you put 5 entrepreneurs in a room, with an endless supply of coffee, a grand vision and a video camera? Well the answer is “something a little bit different”.

I’m really excited to be able to tell you about the launch of a project that my team and I have been working on for almost two years.

The new venture is called The ExecAcademy.com, and its first offering is The Business Launch Accelerator, a modular online course created specifically to help people who are transitioning from corporate life into the life of an entrepreneur.

You really only get three choices when you are laid off.

  • You can go back to corporate life
  • You can retire, if you can afford it and are the right age or
  • You can reestablish your life by becoming your own boss

Most people will choose the first option because they believe it is the least risky, although in reality it probably carries the most risk…………. it’s a little-known fact that for every $15,000 you are used to earning it will take on average one month to find your next job. So if you were earning $150,000 before you were laid off, on average it will take you ten months to land your next gig- And remember, that’s just on average.

Retirement is an option for the fortunate few who can afford it and are emotionally prepared to stop working.

So what’s left? Even though many people dream of working for themselves, most are scared of the unknown so they never take the leap. Even if you know WHAT you want to do, you might not know HOW you are going to do it, or WHO you are going to do it for, or maybe even WHERE you are going to do it. The time to set up a business is another concern. It ALWAYS takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you think it will. ALWAYS. So double the time and double the money, and you’ll be close. Maybe.

Having made the move from corporate life to entrepreneurialism myself I know that launching a new business can be a time of concern, but it is also really, REALLY exciting.

What if I told you there was a way to lessen the risk, reduce the concern, and also substantially cut the time to launch your new dream?

The answer is TheExecAcademy.com!

The team who helped me develop this stepwise process are all entrepreneurs. When I first envisioned creating this course, I wanted to leverage my experience. However, the result has been so much greater than I expected. Since we each own our own businesses — some of us even own multiple — the collective experience developing this course has been invaluable. It’s something I truly wish I would have had access to when I started my entrepreneurial journey years ago.

Over the course of 15 modules, we help aspiring entrepreneurs to put in place everything they need to launch their business. Each module comes with additional resources, and, most importantly, coursework to complete to ensure the material is grasped.  Once a week members will also have calls with the rest of their coaching cohort to help keep them accountable and on track.

At the end of the course, members be equipped to go out and start a new business AND they will have written a fully formed business plan. This dynamic document will prove invaluable through the stages of early startup and initial growth.

We would love for you to come with us on our journey. Since you’re also one of our trusted friends, please feel free to forward this to anyone you know who might be interested. We have many free resources we are giving away as we launch, including a series of short videos about the things you should do before, during, and immediately after being laid off.

If you know someone that has recently experienced a layoff, please share the valuable free resources of TheExecAcademy with them.

Click the link below to access the first two modules of the Business Accelerator Course for free: