For most of my life I have struggled with self esteem. I remember that when I started with one employer, he explained my job role, gave me the project he wanted completing and just told me to “run with it”. I was so overwhelmed and afraid of failure, that I couldn’t even start the project! That led to one very unhappy boss, and one scared employee, because although I had all the ideas and plans in my head, I was too afraid to execute in case I made a mistake. 

It was only after I came across a really interesting article that I managed to change my perspective on self esteem. After reading and evaluating the article it helped me to relax, be productive, and better achieve my goals. As an entrepreneur, you probably have way more things to worry about, which  at times can seem to undermine your capabilities and role. Here are some quick tips to help you boost your self esteem:


You can’t do everything at once. Don’t pressure yourself to get everything done, on your own, immediately. Remember, it even took God seven days!

You need to delegate tasks to those team members that you know can accomplish them . You are only one person, and shouldn’t (and can’t)  do everything.

Use your calendar to schedule yourself. Hour by hour. Add lunch time, reading time, friend time, date time, exercise time, and so on.

Put the most important things on top of your list first. Then even if you run out of time at least the essential stuff has been done.

When you get things done, you get  a sense of fulfillment and success. When you are in the right mindset you are able to more easily envision reaching your objectives and that will translate into a more fruitful business.


  1. Believe in YOURSELF


There are always going to be times of struggle, and sometimes doubt, but a positive attitude helps you get through it all. Don’t train your mind to be negative, train it to be positive! Get out of the victim mentality and into an entrepreneurial warrior mindset!

-Set reasonable expectations – break big goals down into manageable, bite sized tasks.

-Talk to yourself and say you are good enough! Build yourself up.

-Know you are worthy! Be proud of your business. Be open and allow you to achieve your goals. Don’t focus on what you did not achieve, but the progress.


  1. Self-care and Enjoyment

Socialize with friends, pick up a hobby. It helps relieve stress and gives you something else to look forward to.

It is important to eat healthily, exercise regularly and as a business owner have a mentor to help you,not just with your business accountability, but self care accountability as well.


  1. Give back

Whether it is volunteering hours at an animal shelter, helping the homeless, or even helping in the children’s ministry at church, nothing soothes the soul more than giving back. Sharing your blessings has been proven to be one of the greatest ways to boost your self esteem.

So that’s it! It ought to be easy, but if you find yourself struggling to get your groove back, give us a call at (440) 385-6737.