When was the last time you met someone who said they wrote a book? How did you feel when they told you? Were you surprised? Impressed? Curious? All of the above?

By writing a book, entrepreneurs can build their brand, establish their expertise, and build trust with potential clients more effectively than they can with blog articles and social media alone.

Next Century Publishing data shows that an entrepreneur who has written and published a book on their business subject is twice as likely to win new business. Writing a book pushes you to the forefront in your niche and lets everyone know you are on the cutting edge.

Need more reasons why? Here they are:

1.Potential to increase sales

A lot of people like to say “a book is the new business card.”

Writing a book is a great way to market your business and make you look like an expert. It’s simple: experts write books.People want to work with experts. You may feel under-qualified to write a book, but chances are you know more about your field than you realize.

Books do not just show expertise, either. A book shows you can commit to something and follow through. It proves you know how to get things done. Not just anything, either. Things that are hard and prestigious and require a lot of skill.

2. Sets you apart
Through the means of a book, you are connecting in a way most people cannot and never will. You have set yourself apart from the millions of people who only talk about the book they’re going to write, but never actually produce (we all know this person!). 85% of Americans in business say they want to write a book and only 5% do.

Plus, writing a book will help you gain credibility and authority with your audience.

3. Opens up lines of communication with prospective clients
It will give your audience a better idea of who you are and will share your message with the world. When others discover your book, if they connect with what is inside, they will quickly seek you out, which, in turn, will open up lines of communication for you and your business with new clients.
At the end of the day, the key to writing a good book is passion. If you are not passionate (and knowledgeable) about your topic, you will not stick it out and will quickly give up.

How do you know if you have the capability of writing a good book?

Ask yourself these questions:
Will others find the information I am presenting to be interesting?
Will people find value in what I have to say about this specific topic?
Do I honestly believe it will help others succeed?

If you cannot answer yes to those three questions, you may not be ready to write a book. However, if you did answer yes, there is no time like the present to start.

There’s plenty of time after you complete the first draft to worry about editing and grammar and tweaking the content. And, if you cannot do those things, there are people you can pay to do it for you.

However, only you can get what’s inside of you out onto the page. So, get to work!